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This yoga should be practiced with firm determination and perseverance, without any mental reservation or doubts. – Bhagavad Gita

NatalieRYT, PRYT

Natalie experienced yoga for the first time as a teenager, attending classes with her mother at their local community centre. But it wasn’t until she was studying Communications at Simon Fraser University that she really fell in love with the practice. A good friend drew her in with weekly home studio classes, eventually encouraging her to step into a studio… And there was no looking back! She became fully immersed in the yoga world, first just as a student, then finding work in a studio, where she was able to combine her knowledge of media and Communications with her love of yoga.
At first, she came to the mat purely for the physical benefits; enjoying the feeling of being in her body without chronic aches and pains (especially those that come from long hours at the computer), but quickly realized the emotional and spiritual benefits of the practice as well.

Natalie’s education includes a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver, BC and a 200-hr training in Ottawa with Louise Cameron. She is also a registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula. While living in Vancouver, Natalie had the opportunity to study with world renowned teachers such as Max Strom, Michael Stone, James Bailey, Teresa Campbell, Bernie Clark and Gloria Latham.


Natalie teaches hatha, prenatal, vinyasa flow and hot yoga, in both group and private sessions. “Yoga is a practice of transformation and infinite growth. It is truly amazing to witness people discovering themselves in their yoga. I want to be a catalyst, helping people find that little spark of inspiration within that opens up their world to new possibilities – just as my teachers have done for me.”