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gos_cover_imageLife is full of visual distractions, and the culture and technology of today can leave you well and truly overstimulated. The majority of information you receive is through your vision; You are constantly absorbing the information from the world around you – from billboards, TV, newspapers, cell phones, signs and symbols, to the expressions on the faces of others.

Your mind is constantly using the eyes to make comparisons. You form a definition of self by using a measurement of how you compare to the world around you. You see yourself as taller or shorter than, prettier or uglier than, better or worse than the people and circumstances you are surrounded with. By removing the ability to see, you are forced stop gathering information for comparisons and self-judgements, leaving the mind nowhere to go but inward.
How often do you close your eyes? I’m not talking about blinking, or closing your eyes for a nap or to go to bed at night. I’m talking about standing tall, in a place where you feel safe, and floating the eyes closed. Right away, you’ll notice the wobbles and shifts of the body, adjusting itself to stay standing. The body will react to compensate for any imbalances, and the other, under-utilized senses become more active. Removing your most relied-on sense has a way of putting things in perspective.

Practicing yoga blindfolded is a time to slow down the asana practice, and tune deeper into the breath. The present moment becomes magnified. The other senses become more in-tune and refined. Your mind must be more focused and present; if the mind wanders at all, or shifts to something outside of the body, you will feel lost. Practicing without the use of your vision allows you to connect to your deeper self, and to cultivate a renewed sense of self confidence. You will learn to trust yourself more fully, becoming more in tune with your intuition and the wisdom of your body.

A portion of my personal income from these classes will be donated to Seva Canada, an organization dedicated to restoring sight and prevent blindness in the developing world. To learn more or to support the cause, visit

Upcoming Blindfold Yoga Workshops

Saturday January 30, 2015 – 4:30 – 6pm @ Pure Yoga Centretown

Interested in Hosting a Blindfold Yoga Workshop?

If you know of a group of people interested in practicing yoga blindfolded, please let me know!

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