There are lessons to be learned each day. Little morsels, waiting patiently for us to notice. We only have to open ourselves up to these lessons to receive them. We are the only ones that hold ourselves back, ignoring the moments, missing the chances for metamorphosis; chances for astounding, earth-shaking change. Go slowly, go quietly. [...]


One of my greatest challenges is letting go of control. I struggle with the best of them; I am constantly trying to control my life, I worry about the future, I am devastated when things don't go "as planned". But looking back, the biggest lesson I learned in 2014 was letting go. A lot of [...]


Close your eyes. Stand tall. Breathe Deep. Feel the earth rise up through the soles of your feet, and the universe above you. Feel your glow your prana your life force radiating from the inside, shining out. Feel the connection of earth and sky and then dive in. Feel gratitude. Feel growth. Feel faith. Feel [...]

Satya: Unburying Truths

There is a side of yoga that is often not talked about enough in drop-in classes. We get all wrapped up in the asanas – lets call it the gravy – and tend to forget about the essence of the practice of yoga (everything underneath the gravy; the meat, potatoes and veggies).  According to the [...]

Positive Change

Life is hard. Yep, I said it. And I know there’s all those sayings about “first world problems”, but it still doesn’t change the fact that sometimes – no matter what our situation – we’re thrown a few curve balls that can leave some nasty bruises. I’ve been feeling those bruises lately. It has been [...]

My Yoga

I was asked by a student recently if I thought yoga would go out of style. We talked a bit about the “fad” that somehow got labeled as “yoga”, but left it at that.  Needless to say, the question stuck with me. North American yoga culture is packaged up so neatly in Lululemon leggings, green smoothies, [...]