“I have been practicing yoga in Ottawa for almost 20 years with many different teachers, and I can say with full confidence that Natalie is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I feel mentally and physically stronger each time I step off the mat and feel energized to face life’s everyday pressures. I particularly appreciate how Natalie incorporates her vast knowledge of anatomy into the classroom and focuses on specific body parts in each class. She mixes up her routine each and every week and no two classes will be exactly the same, yet there is always a sense of familiarity in all her routines.”

-Arne Ruckert, Pure Yogi

“I just wanted to say how much I loved this evening’s hatha class. I’ve never done blindfold yoga, and at first I was a little apprehensive. But in the end, I focused way more on how the poses felt rather than on how I thought they should look, so that made the whole session about me and my body… My ego disappeared.”
 Anne L.

“Tamara and I started doing yoga regularly about a year ago. We have since tried many different types of classes with many different teachers. Natalie’s teaching style instantly clicked with us! She is by far our favourite teacher, we’re always at least a little disappointed when it is someone else teaching her regular Sunday morning Pure Flow class. She is incredibly genuine when teaching – you can tell that she isn’t just going to work or going through the motions, but that she truly wants to be there and share her practice. We particularly like the short meditations/quotes that Natalie often does at the end of class.”
 Jeff L.


“I’m not sure I would have survived my birth experience without Natalie! I had a long early labour (30 hours) and Natalie was there for me from the time I called her in the middle of the night until we were settled after the delivery and my baby was latched and feeding! 
From her calming presence to her coaching me through difficult contractions, Natalie was invaluable during my labour at home, at the birth centre and then later, at the hospital. She helped my husband find the words to be a supportive partner and her pre- and post-natal visits provided us with the additional support we needed. I recommend Natalie to any expecting parents that want a kind, caring and supportive doula.” 
-Rochelle W.

“We hired Natalie because my partner thought it would be a good idea to have back up support during my labour. At the time I had very little understanding of what exactly the role of a doula would be, but after meeting with Natalie I knew we had to hire her. Natalie is so knowledgeable about birth, how to prepare, possible unforeseen outcomes, as well as providing support when you bring your baby home.  I credit Natalie’s guided meditation during labour with helping me progress when labour had stalled. Her support after birth helped keep us sane.”

-Katherine M.

“We were lucky to work with Natalie for the birth of our son, which did not go remotely as planned! Natalie worked extensively with us in the lead up to his birth to understand our goals and checked in frequently before I went into labor. She was a present and active participant through a very long birthing process, and was a steadfast source of calm and support. Natalie also worked with us to stay true to our birth plan even when it seemed impossible to do so and reminded us to breathe and be present throughout the day. She was a true partner to us in this process and went above and beyond anything we may have expected from a doula.”

-Catherine B.